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MonitorCast 3 is a feature-rich enterprise access control system that comes integrated with the VI Monitor 6 video management system.

  • No additional costs for integration
  • Easy to use, web based admin
  • Dashboard for real time reporting
  • No limit for the number of doors, administrators, or simultaneous connections
  • Unparalleled scalability

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Key Features

Door Access Levels and Management

MonitorCast provides intuitive door management and access level interface which allows integrators and their users to maintain access and schedules to single or multiple locations from a consolidated system. Access levels can be grouped by custom roles or security permissions.

Unlimited Client Connections

MonitorCast requires no additional licensing for remote access from other systems and there are no limitations on how many concurrent connections can be made.

Alarm Alert Email Notification

Receive instant alarms and event notifications via email or live notification on the dashboard. Receive instant alarm notification ranging from Forced Door Notification or Access Denied allowing first responders to react quickly and effectively. Alarms can be configured based on sites and configured with any time schedule. (Applies to versions MonitorCast 3.1 or higher.)

Secure Browser Login

With MonitorCast Access Control, users can access the activity dashboard and door controls from their own computer directly from any browser on the same network. Remote access from browsers is accessible with proper port forwarding.

Map Based Alarms (With VI Monitor Integration)

Plot out your alarms visually using Map Based Alarms, providing real time door alarms using the VI Monitor client access control map interface.

Active Directory Integration

Unify your IT infrastructure by centralizing identify and access management with MonitorCast Active Directory integration capabilities. By using Active Directory, system administrators can import personnel cardholders and assign direct end users / groups access.


Customize the time schedules that are important to your organization. MonitorCast's access levels, door schedules, holiday schedules can be assigned day to day scheduling as well as advanced scheduling for special events or functions.

Real Time Reporting Dashboard

MonitorCast's new real time, interactive dashboard displays live events, alarms, and recent system activities such as card modifications and updates. The Dashboard provides all users the ability to acknowledge alarms with a click of a button and the functionality to jot down reportable user notes on each incident.

Multi-Site Support

Perfect for large multi-location facilities and K-12 school districts with many locations, MonitorCast provides the ability to partition controllers into multiple primary and sub sites. Each site contains independent controllable hardware, cardholders, and schedules all managed in one central console.

More Features

Anti-Pass Back

Prevent unauthorized access to the most secure areas of the facility. Anti-pass back is available with multiple modes, including Hard, Soft, Area, and Timer based options.

Scheduled Control Points

MonitorCast 3 can be used to configure a scheduled control point activation to automate outputs such as class schedule bells, light controls, and door open / closed buzzers.

Panic Buttons

Proactively protect the entire facility with a duress Panic Button that can be configured with inputs to change reader modes in emergency situations.

Badge Printing

Customizable proximity card printing included with MonitorCast 3. This simple and easy to use badge printing tool can be used to design and print personalized buildings cards for faculty, student, volunteers and temporary employees. The application utilizes your existing printer drivers making it compatible with most ID badge printers.

Wireless Lock Support

MonitorCast 3 includes wireless lock support for the door readers such as the Schlage PIM400 TD2 wireless panel.

Triggers and Macros

Using MonitorCast triggers and macros allows you to automate your responses to predefined variables allowing efficient overall security. Triggers provides a wide variety of user-based rules ranging from reader modes to activating control points based on alarms, events and other hardware interactions.

Dual Card Authentication

We understand that some locations require a bit more protection. By enabling Dual Card authentication, administrators can require two unique personnel cards to be presented to grant access. This extra configuration ensures that top clearance areas are safeguarded with this extra layer of protection.

Occupancy Control

Keep track of area occupancy for managing mustering events and improving safety during emergency situations. Occupancy control is available with a high, low and zero count notification within the interactive Dashboard.


MonitorCast Alarms Pending
MonitorCast Personnel Setup
MonitorCast Event Report

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will use MonitorCast? +
  1. What is MonitorCast 3? MonitorCast 3 is an enterprise class access control product designed to reduce the cost of entry into enterprise security. The MonitorCast v3 features compliment most facilities, allowing them to access to the most used features in the access control industry.
  2. How does it compare to other products?
    MonitorCast has the most commonly requested features including unlimited scalability and card holders, simultaneous users and integration to video management. It, however, includes features such as mustering, anti-pass back, and partitioning (Q11 below has a more comprehensive list).
  3. Why is Video Insight bundling MonitorCast 3 for free? Video Insight recognizes the unique security, budgetary and infrastructure challenges property owners may face. The new v6 software leverages existing network infrastructure and Mercury-based access control system and provides the necessary key features to enhance your facility's security with no additional cost for a limited time only.
2. Features +
  1. Based on Mercury Hardware
  2. Browser Based
  3. Seamless Integration with Video Insight or standalone installation.
  4. Unlimited scalability with SQL Server based backend
  5. Unlimited client connections
  6. Door Access Levels and Management
  7. Scheduling
  8. Map based alarms (with Video Insight)
  9. Dashboard for real time reporting
  10. Active Directory Integration
3. Benefits +
  1. Runs on the Video Insight Server so no additional server required
  2. No additional costs for access control
  3. Will grow with your organization
  4. Easy to use, web based administration
  5. Import tools
  6. Unlimited scalability
4. Dealer Certification is required to sell or install MonitorCast.  +
  1. MonitorCast is available to certified partners who attend our specific training class, currently sell Mercury based access control systems, or demonstrate familiarity with Mercury products.
5. Licensing +
  1. MonitorCast is bundled free of charge with Video Insight Server v6.
  2. The application is licensed on a "per door" basis. There are no client or server licenses required.
  3. A numeric license key is required and specifies the number of doors allowed to run on each MonitorCast Server.
  4. Licenses are specific to the server hardware and must and are licensed on the single box. Changes to the hardware require new license keys.
  5. Additional doors can be added with a new key.
  6. Door licenses are included free of charge with each Video Insight Camera license.
  7. For example, a 100 camera Video Insight system includes a license for 100 MonitorCast doors.
  8. Advidia cameras also include a MonitorCast door license.
  9. MonitorCast has no recurring fees with a current Video Insight SUP agreement or Advidia products.
  10. The application will run for 60 days with up to 99 doors without a license. At the end of 60 days, a valid license key will be required for the application to continue to run.
6. Mercury Security Controllers +
  1. MonitorCast is designed to support Mercury access control boards.
    1. MonitorCast does not require hardware to be purchased from Video Insight.
    2. Boards from existing installations and vendors are supported without modification.
    3. Video Insight is an authorized distributor of Mercury Hardware. Contact sales for pricing. Housings, power supplies and door hardware are not available.
7. The MonitorCast Server +
  1. The system can run standalone or can run on the Video Insight Server.
  2. Specifications:
    • Windows 2008 and 2012 recommended
    • 8GB of memory
    • 200GB of storage
    • Intel i5 class processor
  3. Installation includes Microsoft SQL Server Express. Existing standard and enterprise versions of 2008 and 2012 SQL Server are supported.
  4. All virtualization platforms supported.
  5. MonitorCast is designed for single server installations. A single server can support an entire district implementation.
  6. What ports need to be open?
    • Web based administrations default port is 80.
      • The Server communicates to the boards on the default port of 3001, but this is user configurable.
    • We recommend communication between the MonitorCast Server and the Mercury boards be in a separated network with no public access.
8. Tech Support for MonitorCast is provided free of charge 
9. What are the limits to the system? +
  1. MonitorCast is powered by a SQL Server database and has no specific limit for the number of doors, administrators or simultaneous connections.
  2. Mercury boards allow 240,000 cardholders.
  3. Practical limits include the available bandwidth and time required to update all boards.
  4. MonitorCast has been tested in a 1,000 door simulated environment.
10. A DB Tool (SQL backup and restore) routine is included 
11. Additional Features Supported +
  1. Interactive Facility Map with Door Status
    1. Lock Status (enabled / disabled)
    2. Door status (opened / closed)
    3. Lock Release (continues / temporary)
    4. Lock Enable
    5. Image of the nearby cameras (one / many)
  2. Individual or multiple readers can be selected and controlled but not by groups.
    1. Release all group (continues / temporary)
    2. Status of individual Locks (enabled / disabled)
    3. Door status (opened / closed)
  3. List of Individual AC status
    1. Lock Status (enabled / disabled)
    2. Door status (opened / closed)
    3. Lock Release (continues / temporary)
    4. Lock Enable
    5. Image of the nearby cameras (one / many)
  4. List of Panel status (master and slave)
  5. Alarms and alerts - screen popup (access granted / failed attempt / forced open) Supported (web client)
    1. AC name
  6. Relevant camera (one or many)
  7. Cardholder Photo
  8. No limit to card formats.
  9. Facility codes within the card formats.

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Panasonic, Sony, Axis, D-link, Pelco

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