Product Questions

Describe the method and pricing structure for the addition of individual users. i.e. Add a workstation, install client software on a user’s existing PC, web browser based etc.   Learn More
    Video Insight does not require a client license, so users using the Monitor Station, Web Client, or the mobile clients for Android and iPhone do not generate any additional costs. An unlimited number of users are allowed to connect to any server.
Describe video evidence may be exported in a manner satisfactory to local law enforcement, e.g watermarking, hashing etc.   Learn More
    Images received are stored with a date/time stamp and an index. This information is saved to the SQL database and into a file saved in the storage system. When users export a clip, the request is logged in the database. Each clip includes a visible watermark, a date/time stamp from the Servers’ time and industry standard MD5 Hash embedded in the clip. The clip can be exported in the cameras native compression or can be converted to MJPEG to ensure easy playback with any media player. For advanced functionality like frame by frame advancement, thumbnail viewing, the Video Insight Standalone Player can be included with the clip.
    To verify the authenticity of the clip, the Standalone Player has an option to validate the embedded watermark.
    For concerns relating to possible file tampering or deletion on the Server, Video Insight offers an extra layer of protection, with the option to stamp all video when received from a camera with a MD5 Hash. This process ensures that no video is tampered on the storage system however this process does require 10% increase in CPU utilization.
Describe how using appropriate security, video images can be made available to iPads, smart phones and similar devices   Learn More
    Video Insight provides an app, at no additional cost for both the Android and iOS platforms. The app is an easy to use, native app for both Apple iOS and Android, providing users access to all cameras and servers for a single IP address with pre-defined layouts. Following each device’s standard menu, users of phones and tablets find the design intuitive, requiring little training while providing easy access to full resolution live and recorded video, facility maps, layouts, and alarms. Available free of charge on iTunes and Google Play, all types of authorized users can benefit from the mobile app’s easy access to live and recorded video.
    Notable Features:
    1. Digital PTZ of live and recorded
    2. Live and Recorded video from any server
    3. View cameras in layouts
    4. Facility Maps with image thumbnails
    5. Very high frame rates with H.264 streaming
    6. Dynamic image sizing for bandwidth and device capabilities
    7. Active Directory authentication
    8. View Alarm log
    9. View Motion alarm and associated video
    10. Cache server and camera settings on device for faster performance
    11. Support for public and private IP addresses for each server
    12. Control PTZ cameras
    13. Keep aspect ratio of high resolution images
    14. Automatically import all servers and cameras
    15. Email or Save Snapshots
    System Specifications:
    Apple iOS 5, 6 and Support for 7 at launch of iOS7 tablets and phones
    Android v4 or higher for best performance
Video Wall Specifications   Learn More
    Video Insight Software Suite includes the Video Wall application. When viewing a large number of cameras from a central dispatch, it's helpful to have multiple large monitors allowing everyone to view the same images. The Video Insight Video Wall application will automatically display a group of cameras, distributed over multiple monitors, allowing operators to interact by changing the layout and pushing cameras to specific monitors.
    Notable Features:
    1. Auto Starts and uses the full screen of each attached monitor
    2. Allows users to display cameras for all users in a group
    3. Build a video wall with up to 64 monitors
    4. Auto Start
    5. Full Screen auto position
    6. Each instance can support up to 8 monitors
    7. View up to 36 cameras per grid
    8. Cycle any number of layouts
    9. Control display from Monitor Station control panel
    Windows OS - XP Pro, Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2012
    CPU - Intel i7 processor recommended
    Memory - 2 GB memory
    Video Card – 1 GB
It is anticipated that ONVIF Profile S compliant cameras will be selected for use with this platform. Describe your compatibility with such cameras   Learn More
    Video Insight offers complete ONVIF Profile S support. We also provide direct camera support in case the cameras offer functionality not supported via Profile S. The current release provides direct support for 3,200 cameras from 120 manufacturers including H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, Wavelet, MxPEG and JPEG2000. As a Video Management System, new cameras are added to the application on a weekly basis and support can be requested for base level or advanced features at no charge. For cameras not specifically listed in our supported cameras or supported by ONVIF and PSIA, Video Insight supports generic drivers for both RTSP and HTTP streams that work with most cameras.
How software updates are delivered   Learn More
    Video Insight updates are released monthly and include features, bug fixes and camera drivers. Detailed release notes describe the release, and customers are not required to update to each release and can skip versions if the update is not critical. The updates are available via our download website. Administrators update the local server by running a setup.exe that takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Once complete, clients are prompted that an update exists and are pushed from the local server, reducing the need to run multiple upgrades and keeping Server and Client in sync.
Choices for the physical NVR/server platform   Learn More
    Video Insight can be delivered preloaded on a server or as a software platform. When delivered pre-loaded, our hardware is the Dell Poweredge series of servers. Camera count, resolution, and storage requirements determine which physical boxes are options. When delivered as software, any standard COTS server can be used. Video Insight supports all virtual platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer, and is compatible with all 32- and 64-bit Windows OS including Server 2012. The Server can support a wide range of storage options, including local, direct attached, NAS and SAN storage.
Q8: Describe how "fail over" architecture could be implemented and resulting equipment requirements in a data center. In this case if a local VMS server failed how would that be sensed, and the recording of the cameras normally serviced by that server be transferred to a server in our data center until such a time that the local server was back online.   Learn More

    The Video Insight Server supports automated Failover at no additional software cost. A standalone server or a virtual OS can be configured at one or multiple of the locations running Video Insight Server in a Failover Mode. This Failover monitors the other servers via the SQL Server Database. Within one minute of an outage, the Failover Server will inherit all the cameras and configuration settings of a failed server. Recordings can be saved to a shared storage of failover storage and can be easily merged back into the production server upon repair. Client applications will see the Failover server as dormant until activation.

    XML Backup
    When exiting the application, each server executes a backup routine that creates XML file with a complete set of all information required for restoring a server. This file is used in the event a Server tries to restart and is unable to read the SQL database. This failover can prove very useful in the event of database corruption to ensure the system is recording and providing client’s access. When the system is unable to read the database and uses the XML file, the system is in a degraded mode and no changes can be made to the system until the database connection is restored.

Integration Questions

User Account Control (UAC), Digital Signing and Video Insight.   Learn More
What do I do if I see this warning when I start the Monitor Station: "Warning the IP Server is not connected"?   Learn More
  1. The command and data ports must be open between the Monitor Station and the IP server machine. By default these are set to ports 4010 and (Learn More)
How do I add cameras to the IP Server software?   Learn More
  1. Log into Monitor Station
  2. Go to Administration > Setup and configuration.
  3. Select the server to which you want to (Learn More)
What do I do if I see this error message when activating my software: "No network connection or cannot reach the Registration Server"?   Learn More
There are two possible reasons for the error message
  1. Your local computer is not able to connect to the network.
  2. Your Router/Firewall is blocking our Registration server from (Learn More)
How do I backup and restore settings for my IP Server?   Learn More
  1. Go to your system’s Start menu and choose Run
  2. Type: services.msc
  3. Locate "Microsoft SQL service"
  4. Right-Click and (Learn More)
Service not starting, connecting, or crashing   Learn More
  1. Prerequisites Not Installed
  2. Demo Period Expired
  3. Database Connectivity / Out of Date Issues (Learn More)
How do I configure Active Directory for Video Insight IP Server?   Learn More
    This document will take you through the steps to get Video Insight IP Server communicating with Active Directory for the purpose of importing user/groups. This will allow you to (Learn More)
What do I do if no live video is being displayed in the Web Client?   Learn More
  1. Verify that all of the ports required are open.
    1. The ports that are required are ports 80, 4010 and 4011.
    2. If any of these ports are closed, contact the network administrator and (Learn More)
How do I install the Video Insight IP Server?   Learn More
    If you have a CD, it will normally auto start the installation for you. Or, you can Browse the CD and run the (Learn More)
What do I do if no live video is being displayed in the Mobile Client?   Learn More
    If there is no live video and using version 5.5.x Mobile Client then it could be one of several issues.
    Prior to trying any of the below solutions make sure that live video is displaying on the Monitor Station from the Server if possible
    (Learn More)
What if there's no live video in the camera interface?   Learn More
  1. The wrong ports are being used to access the camera.
  2. Windows Firewall (Learn More)
Recording playback issues   Learn More
  1. Why do people suddenly appear or disappearing within the recorded video?
  2. I don’t think my motion settings are working (Learn More)
SQL install upgrade connection related issues   Learn More
  1. Administrator Permissions to Install SQL
  2. SQL Prerequisites vary with OS Version
  3. Installing VI with an existing non-VI instance name or shared SQL instance (Learn More)
Troubleshooting no live video in web client   Learn More
    If there is no live video when using version 5.5.x Web Client then it could be one of several things.
    Prior to trying any of the below solutions make sure that live video is displaying on the Monitor Station from the Server if possible
    (Learn More)
Troubleshooting steps for no live video in Monitor Station   Learn More
  1. Password is not correct in our software
  2. The wrong ports are being used to access the camera (Learn More)
How do I designate a network card to listen for connections from the Monitor Station?   Learn More
    If you have more than one Network Card (NIC) installed in your computer, you can use the Network Options to designate which one will listen for connections from (Learn More)
How do I update or modify my serial number?   Learn More
    Open the SERVER MANAGER. If already running, it can be found in the System Tray located in the lower right-hand corner of your
    (Learn More)
Video Wall issues   Learn More
  1. Added layout to a screen but Video Wall is not working
  2. No Ability to Configure Video Wall (Learn More)
Web client connection issues   Learn More
  1. Internet Information Services not supported
  2. Page Cannot Be Displayed - Internet Information Services Misconfigured (Learn More)
Why do I have corrupt files and/or directories or large files?   Learn More
    If this question applies then this could mean that there are issues with the storage drives that are being written to. In order to test if the number of videos that are written to a hard drive or RAID array will exceed the limitations of the hard drive or RAID array itself, see below on running Hard Drive Speed Test (Learn More)
General SQL Server Considerations   Learn More
    These are some best practices to work with Video Insight and SQL databases (Learn More)

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