Web Client Connection Issues


1. Internet Information Services not supported
In order to host Web Client, Internet Information Services must be added as a Windows Feature or Role. Professional or Enterprise versions of Microsoft OS are a required, as Home Premium versions do not come with IIS as a selectable component to install.

2. Page Cannot Be Displayed - Internet Information Services Misconfigured
Default installations of IIS do not install all required components. With Windows Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Server 2012, you must check the following under Application Development Features

  • .NET Extensibility
  • ASP
  • ISAPI Extensions
  • ISAP Filters

3. Page Cannot Be Displayed - Blank Screen - Web Client or IIS Not Installed
The default install for VI Enterprise will select Web Client as a component to install, if “Customize Install” has been selected and Web Client has been deselected it will not install the necessary components to access the Web Client login. Consequently, if IIS has not been installed as a feature, the same error message will be received.

4. Page Cannot Be Displayed - 500.19 Error - Physical Path of Web Client incorrect
Check the physical path of the Default Website within IIS Manager. If the path points to a non-existing folder, try re-installing or correct the path name. This commonly happens when both 32- and 64-bit versions of Video Insight have been configured on the same machine. Note: This is not a recommended configuration.

5. Page Cannot Be Displayed - 500.19 Error - Wrong .NET Framework Selected
VI Web Client 5.x currently uses .NET Framework 4, if the installation of Web Client did not update IIS to use the new .NET, manually assign this from a command prompt using the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\aspnet_regiis.exe -i -c

6. Page Cannot Be Displayed - 500.19 Error - Handler Mappings Locked at Parent Level
This can be caused by a settings conflict between IIS and an incorrect installation of Web Client, please uninstall VI Enterprise and reinstall.

7. Windows Firewall is enabled
Windows Firewall may need to be disabled in order to get the camera stream. Please attempt to disable the firewall.

8. Network Binding order incorrect
In setups with dual network cards, the user may have bound the Network Options in IP Server Manager to the wrong card. Please correct the selection.

9. Port Issues
When accessing the Video Insight Mobile Client, 3 ports need to be forwarded from the external IP inside the router. These ports include 80, 4010, 4011 and should be forwarded to the internal IP address of the Video Insight Server. In rare cases, these ports are blocked by the Internet Service Provider and must be resolved before proceeding. To confirm the proper ports are open browse to canyouseeme.org and check the 3 ports listed above.

10. Unable to Use High Speed Mode in IE
The user does not have the proper ActiveX permissions to install the High Speed Mode plug-in correctly. In the properties of Internet Options, navigate to the Security Tab. With Internet selected, choose Custom Level... and scroll down to the section which contains ActiveX Settings. Select Enable for all choices and click Ok. Restart Internet Explorer and attempt to use High Speed Mode.

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