Video Wall Issues


1. Added layout to a screen but Video Wall is not working
Sometimes when changes are made, the Video Insight software may require for the services to be restarted. It's good practice to restart the IP Service and Monitor station after making major changes like adding new monitors, changing layouts, etc.

2. No Ability to Configure Video Wall
The registry key to enable Video Wall Support within a Monitor Station has not been added. This is a key which has to be manually entered into the Registry.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Video Insight\Monitor Station\ Create a new Value underneath this registry key: SupportVideoWall = 1

3. Video Wall Monitor Objects not appearing in Monitor Station
Video Wall's initial setup executable requires the ability to modify the registry, otherwise the settings will not hold when you are doing Configuration from Monitor Station.

4. Video Wall's Connection to DB Invalid
The credentials or IP address of the SQL Server housing the InsightEnt Database that the Video Wall needs to connect to is invalid.

Video Insight Support Phone Number: 713.621.9779
Video Insight Support Email Address: [email protected]

Used By Companies of All Sizes

Panasonic, Sony, Axis, D-link, Pelco