Service not starting, connecting or crashing


1. Administrator Permissions to Install SQL
It is advised to be logged in with an administrator account while installing SQL and VI software.

2. SQL Prerequisites vary with OS Version
Various OS versions have different prerequisites for installing SQL. For example, in Server 2003, Power Shell needs to be installed manually before SQL can be installed otherwise the setup will fail. Confirm all prerequisites prior to installation.

3. Installing VI with an existing non-VI instance name or shared SQL instance
VI's default SQL instance choice is MSSQLSERVER, however other instance names can be used. In order to load the VI database into the instance, vi.sql query will need to be run through SQL Management Studio against the SQL instance. This file can be located in C:\Program Files\VI Enterprise\SQL Files\. VI's database can also be shared with a database instance that is running other apps using SQL, however the username and password must be correct and/or changed when prompted to connect to SQL in VI Initialization.

4. Failover Configuration
VI's failover component shares the InsightENT database which gets installed by VI.sql. The best practice is share the database on any machine running SQL Server which is also not running VI Enterprise in a non-failover capacity.

5. Database Connect Error: SQL not in mixed mode authentication
While the VI batch file for SQL installation has all the switches necessary for basic settings that are needed, a manual install of SQL Server not using the batch file often has the user misconfiguring the type of authentication being used by the SQL instance. Mixed Mode Authentication is required for VI to work with SQL Server.

6. Database Connect Error: Windows Firewall is On / SQL Port Blocked
SQL by default uses 1433, if this is being blocked or the port has been changed by the user to an alternate port, that port has to either be enabled, or the data connection string to account for the alternate port needs to be changed. IPADDRESS,PORT\INSTANCENAME

7. Database Connect Error: Database is wrong version
When updating VI Enterprise, if the DB is not updated, manually run the VI.SQL file against the DB instance. This can often happen when the DB is installed on another machine other than the VI Server.

8. Database Connect Error: SQL SA type account is locked
Ensure that the SA account or similar account of the same admin level is not locked.

9. Database Connect Error: SQL Server Instance has a space in it
Try to avoid using or connecting to SQL instances which have special characters or spaces in the instance name.

10. Database Connect Error: SQL Server Protocols must be enabled
SQL Server needs to have Named Pipes and TCP/IP as enabled protocols in SQL Configuration Manager.

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