Service not starting, connecting or crashing


1. Prerequisites Not Installed
Please check that all the prerequisites have been installed including .NET 4 Framework and a compatible SQL Server version. Check if updates are available for .NET Framework and try re-installing Microsoft .NET if not.

2. Demo Period Expired
After the 60 day demo period has lapsed, the Service will not start until a VI Serial Number has been activated with IP Enterprise.

3. Database Connectivity / Out of Date Issues
If the SQL Server is prohibiting connections from the IP Enterprise Service, the Service will not start correctly. For VI to use SQL it must be in Mixed Mode Authentication and allow for TCP/IP and Named Pipes connections. 

4. Incomplete Installation
Not all components, specifically the IP Service, were installed completely. Try uninstalling and re installing.

5. Incomplete Upgrade
There have been instances with early 5.5 installers where choosing the Upgrade option does not upgrade all components that were installed by the previous version. This causes a mismatch in files which are being called when the service attempts to start.

6. Windows Updates
Some Windows Updates still cause problems for VI even though it’s recommended.

7. Changes to AD/LDAP or Password Changes to Service Accounts
If a configuration change or account change in regards to Active Directory, namely the account which was used to integrate AD is made, there could be some issues where the account fails to log into AD when the Service is started.

8. No Drive Space on C: Drive
If there is no available disk space on Drive C this can interrupt the ability for the Service to start correctly as a local SQL installation has no space to add entries to the log portion of the database.

9. Using Cameras across the Internet
Note that it is likely that the lag time caused by connecting to a camera across the internet has been known to cause longer than usual start up times for the Service as it hits its timeout period to receive a response back from the external camera.

10. Faulty Camera Signals
Faulty camera images have been known to cause problems with the IP Enterprise service and cause a service crash. Check cabling especially with Analog Cameras connected to Digital Encoders for Interference, Scrolling, or Video Blinking in and out.

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