Recording or Playback Issues


1. Why do people suddenly appear or disappearing within the recorded video?
Within Monitor Station, the camera properties description contains two fields called "Pre-Motion" and "Post-Motion" buffer. Pre-motion and post-motion buffer settings will help capture the segment before and after a motion event ends. This could help mitigate the appearing / disappearing behavior. A second common problem is recording on "Motion Only" where the motion detection settings have not been properly configured. Verify that the camera motion settings are configured properly.

2. I don't think my motion settings are working
Camera motion detection hardware built into the camera is effective to about 30' - 35' on average. If the camera's field of view is capturing motion events past this distance, adjustments to camera sensitivity will be required. Alternatively, adding an additional camera to cover this distance is recommended.

3. No Recording - File Write Error
The destination where video files are being stored has become invalid. This can be due to improper file share permissions, a network connection which has been disconnected, not having write permissions to a Network Attached Storage device, or a failed Hard Drive.

4. Recorded File Sizes too Large
The default for recorded files is 800 MBs, if the file size limit is surpassed it could indicate issues with the storage volume's ability to handle the amount of data being sent to it. Another cause of this symptom is the write caching on a RAID volume being turned off; enabling write caching has been known to help with disk performance.

5. Recorded Files Corrupted
The service has unexpectedly terminated and did not close the recorded footage gracefully. Using the file fixer to recover the video may resolve the issue; however, the root cause of the service termination will need to be troubleshot independently.

6. Storage Volume Completely Full
In certain circumstances it is possible to completely fill up the hard drive before the VI Service can issue its deletion of oldest video command. Adjust the Reserve Disk Space for other Applications from the default value of 5 GB to something higher.

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