Troubleshooting No Live Video In Monitor Station


If there is no live video when using version 5.5.x then it could be one of several things:

1. Password is not correct in our software
When unable to authenticate to get video, check the credentials for the camera and re-verify the username and password for the camera make / model.

2. The wrong ports are being used to access the camera
Some cameras use alternate ports, or the user has configured traffic on their setup to only allow access for HTTP and RTSP on specific ports. Make sure these are the correct ports which have been set. Set this up in the camera properties under Alternate Ports.

3. Trying to acquire the wrong stream
The stream is set to MJPEG, H.264, or MPEG and the profile is set to acquire a different stream by default than what the camera is putting out. Make sure that these match up in both the camera and inside of the camera properties of Monitor Station for Video Insight.

4. Auto detected camera model is wrong
Auto Discovery was used to add the camera and it was set to ONVIF. Change the camera to the correct camera make and model within Monitor Station.

5. Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall may be required to be disabled in order to get the camera stream. Please attempt to disable the firewall.

6. Network Binding order incorrect
In setups with dual network cards, the user may have bound the Network Options in IP Server Manager to the wrong card. Please correct the selection and make sure the correct IP has been added in Monitor Station.

7. Panamorph support is enabled when the camera does not have a panamorph lens
This option is located in optional controls within the camera properties.

8. Advidia and Bridge Cameras, auto detect with the wrong credentials
Be sure when auto-detecting to change the username to admin from Admin. At times the auto detection will still detect using the improper credentials and they get saved that way if the cameras are added without changing the username.

9. Advidia and Bridge Cameras have the wrong Server Port
The Port settings for Advidia / Bridge inside the camera's network configuration should be. HTTP: 80, RTSP: 554, Server: 8000. Any changes to these could impede the connection to the camera and result in Live Video not showing in the Monitor Station.

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