How do I install the Video Insight IP Server?


If you have a CD, it will normally auto start the installation for you. Or, you can Browse the CD and run the Setup.exe.

Video Insight Setup Window License Agreement

On the License Agreement screen click "I Agree" or "Cancel"

Video Surveillance Product Setup Window

In the IP Enterprise Product Selection screen you can choose the type of install you want to perform. If you are installing the IP software for the first time on a clean system you will want to choose "IP Enterprise Server install." This will also install the Microsoft SQL database engine. If you already have Microsoft SQL installed you will want to choose "IP Server install with existing SQL" and will also need to know the SA user's password for your installation. If you already have IP Server installed and only want the Monitor Station then choose "Monitor Station Install."

Video Surveillance Progress Bar

Once you have made your selection the software will start installing. You may see multiple windows popping up installing the different components. You will not have to do anything with these.

Video Surveillance Installation Wizard

After all of the components are installed, you will come to the last screen stating that the IP Software has been installed.

Video Insight Surveillance Installation Wizard

Click Finish.

The Setup Wizard will walk you through the initial configuration of your IP Server.

Video Surveillance Wizard for Serial Number

The serial number is located on the CD sleeve or on your invoice. It is a 5 character (alpha and/or numeric) value. You can activate over the Internet for your convenience or you can call our Technical Support and activate over the phone.

Video Surveillance Wizard Product Registration Window

The next screen will prompt you for your Registration information. You will want to fill this out in order to receive Technical Support on your product.

Video Surveillance Wizard Window for Server Configuration

For the Server Configuration screen there are a few things you will want to look at.

  1. Verify the location of your Video Storage. By default this is set to C:\Video. Typically you will want to store this on a separate drive from your operating system.
  2. Be sure to test the database by clicking the Test DB button. This will confirm the software can communicate with the database properly. If you are using an existing database you may need to click on the Advanced button to enter your information.
Video Surveillance Data Passed Window

Once the database test has passed, you will see the above window pop up. Proceed by clicking Next.

Video Surveillance Setup for Camera Configuration

You will now see the Camera Configuration screen. Here you can add your cameras by manually adding them or using the Auto Discovery feature.

Video Surveillance Setup Wizard for IP Camera Auto Discovery

If you clicked on the Auto Discovery button you will get the above screen. Enter the User name and Password to your cameras and click Start. This will scan the immediate network for any cameras using that User name or password.

You can also choose to Manually Add your cameras. Here you will want to provide all of the information for our software to be able to connect to the cameras. If you are using an encoder you will want to check the box for "Shared IP Address" and supply the port number your camera is on. If you are not using an encoder then you can skip this.

Video Surveillance Setup for New Camera Video Surveillance Installation for assigning cameras

Once you have found or added your cameras you will notice them listed as "Unassigned Cameras." Highlight each one and click on Add to have them added to your IP Server for viewing and recording purposes.

When this is complete, click Finish.

Click OK to close out of the installation/setup of the IP Server.

Video Surveillance Installation Completion Window

You will now notice the IP Server running in your system tray. Here you can right click to see more options or you can double-click on the Monitor Station icon on your desktop to view your cameras.

Server Manager Icon in Windows Tray

Video Insight Support Phone Number: 713.621.9779
Video Insight Support Email Address: [email protected]

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