Why Do I Have Corrupt Files and/or Directories or Large Files?


If this question applies then this could mean that there are issues with the storage drives that are being written to. In order to test if the number of videos that are written to a hard drive or RAID array will exceed the limitations of the hard drive or RAID array itself, see below on running Hard Drive Speed Test.

  1. The Hard Drive test tool can be found here: http://downloadvi.com/downloads/Utilities/HDSpeedTest.zip
  2. Verify that IP Server service is OFF during the test so that the results can be reflected accurately.
    1. Right click on the IP Server icon in the lower right hand corner of the system tray
    2. Select “Stop IP Server”
    3. Remember to start the IP Server once done running tests
  3. Place the Hard Drive Speed test tool ON THE DRIVE or RAID ARRAY that is to be tested.
  4. Verify that the Administrator account is the account being used.
  5. Double click the Hard Drive speed test to run the application or Right click and run as administrator

  6. When the application runs enter the number of cameras that you have recording to the storage drives
  7. Enter the Frame rate at which the video is being recorded
  8. Choose the image size
  9. Choose the image format
  10. Browse to the storage directory
  11. Click Start

The application will simulate writing the same amount and size of data that is currently being written by the IP Server Manager.

Reading the Results
The goal is to have the Target values (Data Rate and Frame Rate) to be as close as possible to the Actual Values.

  1. If the Target Values are slightly higher than the Actual values, The hard drive could possibly be having issues handling the amount of data being written.
  2. If the Target Values are roughly 50% higher than the actual values then this could be an issue with network storage and bottlenecking.
  3. If the Target Values are roughly 75% higher than the actual values then the storage is possibly failing or could fail soon. Files or folders could be corrupt or no longer readable.
  4. Example of Results screen:

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