License Plate Recognition

LPR Addon for Video Insight

  • Unlimited license plate recording
  • Support for over 3,000 camera models
  • Works with all plates
  • Advanced search box — filtering tags by day/range
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Key Features

Unlimited license plate recording

All license plates detected are stored in a database so there is always a history of who has visited.

Support for over 3,000 camera models

Use practically any camera to track license plates. If your camera isn't supported, let us know and we can see about adding it.

Works with all plates

The system recognizes all the license plates whether they are out of state or out of the country.

Advanced search box — filtering tags by day/range

Easily track down that one plate number by searching with the date, time, or what a plate starts with.

Trigger rules/actions based on license groups

From having a database of access granted license plates to recognizing a license plate that has been banned.

Assign plates to specific cameras/rules

Keep an eye on a particular license plate by assigning rules to detect it wherever it goes.

Multiple databases of plates tied to rules manager

This allows for having two different areas with their own set of rules be monitored from one central location.

Specify region or capture entire image

Designate the entrance or exit area and dedicate a space or camera to focus on license plate detection.

Screen Shots

LPR software Accessories Screen Shot
LPR License Plate Monitoring
LPR License Plate Reporting

Used By Companies of All Sizes

Panasonic, Sony, Axis, D-link, Pelco