VI TV for Apple TV

Monitor your facility’s video cameras on any screen attached to an Apple TV.

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VI TV displayed on Apple TV

The challenge of displaying live video in a public setting is now made simple with VI TV. The new VI TV App allows the users to access live and recorded video from any camera on any VI Enterprise IP Server, from virtually any screen using an Apple TV.

Easy Setup

The VI TV App can easily connect any number of Apple TVs to any number of IP Servers to receive live video images in minutes. Users can view and control their camera layouts, set camera tours, or view recorded video effortlessly with the intuitive Apple TV remote.

VI TV for Apple TV
VI TV for Apple TV - Cameras and Video


Synchronize multiple Apple TVs to your customized video layouts using a single Apple account login. Access motion events and set instant replay shortcuts in seconds. Mirror user Access Levels configured in Video Insight’s IP Server with Active Directory/LDAP integration.

Key Features

  • Full resolution and frame rate live monitoring
  • Access to Instant Replay in 5 seconds, 30 seconds and 1 minute
  • Motion Event Playback capabilities
  • Support for public and private IP addresses
  • Create and view customizable Tours for camera cycling
  • View multiple cameras in server and user defined layouts
  • Administrator password protection access for restricted functionalities
  • View Camera Statistics such as frame rate, frame size and bandwidth
User Interface Organized and Designed for Apple TV

Used By Companies of All Sizes

Panasonic, Sony, Axis, D-link, Pelco