IP Server - SQL

Video Insight uses a Microsoft SQL Server database to store system settings, user permissions, activity, alarm, and system logs. Video is not stored in the SQL Database so the database can be installed locally on the server and multiple servers can utilize one database. In addition, the SQL Database can be installed in a central location for multiple systems to share. When using the Monitor Station users do not see a difference when using a single or multi-database configuration. Microsoft SQL Server Express is installed during the standard installation of Video Insight. For installations that have existing SQL Servers already running, the Video Insight Servers can utilize a single database providing additional redundancy of the database.

Benefits of a Single Database Configuration When Using Multiple Servers
  • Central Administration
  • Simplified User and Group Management
  • Automated Failover
  • Load Balancing
Tpyical Size of a Database
  • 20 Cameras - 10 MB
  • 200 Cameras - 500MB
  • 500 Cameras - 1 GB
  • 1,000 Cameras - 2 GB
  • 5,000 Cameras - 10 GB

The database size will vary based on the amount of motion alarms. In environments with higher motion activity, the actual size of the database could be larger.

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