IP Server - IIS

Video Insight utilizes Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to power the Web Client. IIS is installed as a component of Windows and simply needs to be enabled for most OS versions. Each Video Insight Server will utilize IIS on the local server, and with the use of a shared database, can power the Web Client for use with any server load-balancing. Administrators can point users to a single URL address and the Video Insight Server with IIS will pull the live and recorded video from the appropriate server. For load balancing purposes, groups of users can be pointed to different Video Insight Servers. This decreases the amount of inter-server traffic.


Video Insight supports all of the IIS versions of the supported Operating Systems.

Performance Metrics

The Video Insight Web Client supports two transmission methods referred to as Low and High Speed mode. When using Low Speed mode, the Web Client receives MJPEG images and when in High Speed mode, the client receives the camera's native compression. IIS handles the transmission and its process is not CPU intensive.

When considering the number of Web Client users per server, the most important consideration is the cumulative bandwidth required.

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